UIRI – Uganda Industrial Research Institute

UIRI was formally established by an Act of Parliament in 2002. H.E. the President to the Act on 30th July 2003. It is a progeny of the East African Industrial Research Organization (ESIRO) of the defunct East African Community (EAC)]. After the demise of the then EAC in 1977, the three member states continued with the splintered Industrial Research Organizations, and hence was born:

Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI)
Tanzania Industrial Research and Development Institute (TIRDI)
Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI)

With Uganda’s economic dislocation of the 70s and 80s, UIRI did not become fully operational until 1997 when, with a grant from the Government of People’s Republic of China (GPRC) a campus was built and some technologies for pilot plants installed. The formal handover of the modern facility to Uganda Government was effected in the year 2000. UIRI’s mandate is to engage in activities that will lead to rapid industrialization of Uganda.


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