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AAIN supports the establishment, management and sustainability of incubators in agribusiness.  

AAIN works with partners to identify and build the foundation for Agribusiness incubation, creating pathways for impact in agribusiness to deliver on jobs and wealth.

AAIN was registered in 2015 in Accra, Ghana as a private sector entity & internationally recognised as a Business Development Company.


The organization aims “To be the hub of innovation for African agribusiness incubation,” and its mandate is “Incubating Incubators for Jobs and Wealth Creation in Africa”.

At a continental level, AAIN is a key lead partner to the African Agribusiness Incubation Program (AAIP) whose agenda is establish effective and sustainable agribusiness incubators in AU member countries.

The conference aim is to contribute and spearhead the processes, activities and actions that  stimulate discussions around agribusiness incubation and the AAIP program in Africa.

AAIN partners include AfDB, FAO, Youth Networks, Government Agencies, NEPAD, AU,  UIRI, AATPS, Incubators in Africa,  Mentors, ASSI, PEF to name but a few. 







AAIN offers collaborative support to existing incubators to improve on their service delivery.  Part of the support includes human and institutional capacity development leading to the Incubator Accreditation.  They also join a Peer Network for extended knowledge sharing and learning.


AAIN helps a new or prospective incubator map out the business ecosystem, define the operational parameters, the targetting of the value chain, the business models and sustanability plans. 


Currently, there are  no funds that are designed to respond to the incubator / incubation needs.  Agribusiness to support Youth requires structured financing. AAIN works with partners to redesign how existing resources can be modelled for the benefit of agribusiness incubators and for impact, based on the establishment of an African Agribusiness Incubation Fund (AAIF).


AAIN is on hand to offer tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of Agribusiness Value Chain actors.  The solutions can range from capacity development, technology pipelining, commercialization strategy to mentorship and business modelling.

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