Alex Ariho

Dr Alex Ariho is the CEO of the African Agribusiness Incubators Network (AAIN) which is an apex body of incubators operating in 55 African countries. He holds a PhD in Development Management with special focus on agribusiness value chain development. Alex is global expert in business incubation and business modelling for jobs and employment creation.

Alex is an international consultant with World Bank Group on job and employment creation business modelling and agribusiness incubation support for start-ups and youth engagement. He has worked as an expert and adviser on business incubation and jobs creation with various international organisations such as Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), African Development Bank (AfDB), African Union (AU DREA) and among other international organisations. Alex is the initiator and lead development expert for African Agribusiness Incubation Program (AAIP) and Founding member of Agribusiness Incubation fund (AAIF) and African Agribusiness Incubators Network (AAIN).

Before joining AAIN, Alex worked with the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) as UniBRAIN facility coordinator in charge of technology commercialisation and business incubation in Africa .He has worked as Chief Executive officer and President of Excel Hort Consult ltd before FARA. He has worked with other international development and Research organisations in senior managerial positions such as WWF/Nature Uganda, ICRAF, and UNDP African 2000 Network (A2N) etc.

Alex has published widely and produced several agribusiness incubation models and handbooks on how to start, manage and sustain business incubators for job and wealth creation. Alex is visiting lecturer in several international Universities in Africa, USA and Europe with specialisation on agribusiness incubation and business modelling for jobs creation. He is Founding Member of Agribusiness Value Chain Development Network (AVCDN), Afri Banana Products Limited, International Centre for skills and Talent Development (ICSTD) and Sponsor and founding director of Ariho cup.