AgriBusiness Incubation Management Training

AAIN Incubator Managers Training in Finland (GoInternational - Hub13, Helsinki)

AgriBusiness Incubation Management  Training

The training is targeted at  Agribusiness incubator managers or those interested in setting up an Incubator. 

It is delivered by professionals and practising incubator managers.   Collectively they bring deep incubators and incubation experience, especially focussing on about different models of incubator set up, management, sustainable financing,  evaluation and performance appraisal, design of the supporting ecosystem and especially the mentoring programs.

The training require a separate registration. and costs 200 US Dollars.  This excludes the conference registration fees.  There will be a certificate of participation.

The training program will be complemented by the Small Scale Incubator Hub Establishment and Management Training.