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Welcome to AAIN Conference & EXPO (AAICE)

“Youth Engagement in Agribusiness Trade and Investment”

Agribusiness Conference & Expo - Dakar, Senegal, 7-9 March 2018

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General Conference Structure

Incubation Conference is Highly Interactive and focused on self organised events

5 -6 March 2018


 Incubator Management Training

Mentorship Training

14:00-18:00  Pitching For Financing 

7  March 2018


11:00-12:00  MID-SESSIONS



8 March 2018


11:00-12:00  MID-SESSIONS




9  March 2018


11:00-12:00  MID-SESSIONS



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AATF- Public Private Partnership Business Solutions for Youths


The African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) is a not-for-profit organization that facilitates and promotes public/private partnerships for the access and delivery of appropriate agricultural technologies for use by smallholder farmers in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA).

The Foundation works towards food security and poverty reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa, and its structure and operations draw upon the best practices and resources of both the public and private sectors.

At the upcoming Agribusiness Incubation Conference, AATF is partnering with AAIN to support youths to showcase and demonstrate proven technologies that have transformed their agribusinesses.

The AATF will be represented by  Donald Mavindidze

Donald Mavindidze


UIRI – Uganda Industrial Research Institute


UIRI was formally established by an Act of Parliament in 2002. H.E. the President to the Act on 30th July 2003. It is a progeny of the East African Industrial Research Organization (ESIRO) of the defunct East African Community (EAC)]. After the demise of the then EAC in 1977, the three member states continued with the splintered Industrial Research Organizations, and hence was born:

Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI)
Tanzania Industrial Research and Development Institute (TIRDI)
Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI)

With Uganda’s economic dislocation of the 70s and 80s, UIRI did not become fully operational until 1997 when, with a grant from the Government of People’s Republic of China (GPRC) a campus was built and some technologies for pilot plants installed. The formal handover of the modern facility to Uganda Government was effected in the year 2000. UIRI’s mandate is to engage in activities that will lead to rapid industrialization of Uganda.

CURAD Incubator


Core competencies

CURAD core competencies is in Agribusiness incubation. CURAD has experience in identifying potential ideas and support them to sustainable businesses. Over the last three years, CURAD has incubated 110 MSMEs in a wide ray of agribusiness value chains including coffee, fruit, poultry, mushroom, fish among others. These are selected through a systematic process of call selection, analysis and business incubation. This has resulted into creation of 2445 jobs, 17 technologies and 8 are commercialized. 12,972 household supply inputs to the incubatees and the incubatees have generated USD 556,834 as income from their trade activities.

What we do

  • Business services like registration, licenses, quality management, technology transfer, Business plan development, accounting, strategy, marketing.
  • Technical support in QMS development, product development, branding and market development.
  • Financial business support through procurement of materials
  • People connectivity through mentoring, coaching and interaction with fellow entrepreneurs
  • Infrastructure and production facility, internet, office space, meeting rooms, electricity, phone etc
  • Processing facilities in the coffee value chains.

Key technologies promoted

  • Tissue Culture Coffee Clones Technology where quality coffee seedling are produced.
  • Coffee liquor production.  Brewing of coffee beans plus ethanol to make coffee liquor.  
  • Wet processing of coffee
  • Nursery and coffee seed multiplication technologies
  • Sorting packaging technologies
  • Roasting, coffee shop and Barista training technologies
  • Earn as you learn graduate training model in agribusiness development
  • Farmer ownership model
  • Helping with commercializing of ground extract.
  • Mushroom spawn production by Mushroom Tec Ltd where mushroom seed is produced

Past performance

  • Implementation of the interventions for enhancing University Responsiveness to Agribusiness Development in Uganda supported by DANIDA to a tune of USD 2M
  • Implementation of project entitled enhancing commercialization of Agricultural Research Outputs using the Agribusiness Incubation Model-Pasture seed systems commercialization


  • Best Incubator in Africa 2015 by Africa Agribusiness Incubator Network
  • Best Incubator in Africa 2016 by Africa Agribusiness Incubator Network

Facilities and Equipment

  • CURAD has a fully fledged Coffee Entrepreneur Bureau of Uganda equipped with the latest state of art machinery including
  • Coffee Roaster
  • Grider
  • Silos
  • Coffee roasting apparatus
  • Office Block with1 incubation centre and 3 offices
  • Conference Facility
  • 2 Vehicles

Corporate data

  • CURAD has 8 competent employees located in the central part of Uganda (Wakiso District). CURAD Key Registrations numbers include;
  • D-U-N-S Number is 559902814
    Sam Registration Samcuradprod01
  • CURAD NCAGE reference is UG14330441659


  • Contact information


Apollo Segawa


F13 MUARIK Kabanyolo-Gayaza



Apollo Segawa




AGRIBUSINESS INCUBATION TRUST (AgBIT) Limited is Zambia’s pioneer agribusiness incubator, focused on accelerating innovation and the growth of scalable enterprises in the sector. Established with the initial support of Danida through the UniBRAIN Facility, AgBIT is a unique public-private-partnership initiative bringing together the private sector, research and university community to provide the requisite environment critical to enabling the sustainable take-off and growth of agribusiness startups and SMEs.

Through its Business Incubation program, AgBIT is supporting the rapid growth of small but high-potential enterprises (SMEs) and startups in the agribusiness sector, minimizing the risk of business failure in their formative years, and encouraging more innovation.

Anchored on the strength of its unique consortium, the AgBIT incubator takes leadership in the commercialization of available agribusiness technologies, providing strong business mentorship to SMEs, linking smallholders to markets, strengthening the supply chain, and delivering quality business development services to SMEs and producers alike.

AgBIT’s business incubation goes beyond business training to providing key mentorship and client-tailored support to high-potential entrepreneurs and farmer cluster enterprises

Meet the CEO of AgBIT the incubator

Brian Mwanamambo